video-art project, opening screening Photoport gallery Nov 2015, Slovakia
Collection of the selected home footage clips of copy-pasted capitalism and luxury into early post-communist country (Slovakia, EU).
Installation was publicly presented in Ireland, Brazil, Slovakia, and Czech republic.


video-art project & video installation, Tranzit gallery, 7th of October 2022
Video installation of photography-and-collecting-stories project about ZEHNHAUS,the most beautiful street in Bratislava where I used to live,make pictures and talk to people for few good years.



video-art project, interactive site-specific installation, Slovakia
The moment of entering the projection area becomes the moment of the shadow created. Shadows projected and shadows created, what does really exists?

Landing sites & beyond

video-art project, MACLA 2016, San José, Californiain collaboration with artist Rafael Vargas-Suarez

Video installation @HUTCHINSON MODERN & CONTEMPORARY in NYC, February 2022.